Summer 2019


Zone 1 - All Week Camp

  Camp activities include gymnastics, tramp, games, park, fitness, sports & group crafts. Optional Caledonia splash pad twice a week (Tues/Thurs) or onsite park & sports.

Zone 2 - Summer Single Day "Childcare"

Register online for occasional days around your work schedule or for a “pamper day”. We appreciate knowing 24 hours before but can accommodate last minute requests. See Zone 1 for activities.

Zone 3 - Summer Weeker

Attend camp the same full or half day all 9 weeks! You can change your day twice during the summer for vacations & make them up another week. Participate in zone 1 camp activities. Need multiple days per week all summer? Save 25% off second class

Zone 4 - Summer Tot

Attend camp every Friday all summer! Includes use of all tot lot hop facilities, seat work, outdoor activities, park, sports.

Zone 5 - Night Zone

Instructional classes held in the evening all 9 weeks of summer. Age range is flexible.

Register for any 2 classes for the same child and get 25% the second class. Click “offline” payment option & pay in the office.

Instruction will be based on Cangym Preschool program or Cangym badge system.


PICK YOUR DAYS FROM OPTIONS LISTED. New! Daytime classes offered too! Spend the day at Gymmies: attend camp before or after your advanced class. Pay only $4.34/hr for camp childcare. 

Our coaches will make sure their class is attended. Organize childcare through Gymmies office. Nice & easy for busy families :)